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In the 1990s he continued with the priorities of Ensemble, Solo and Cowell, along with a host of other playing, recording and related activities. In August 1990, Ensemble recorded first CD, ' Cultural Baggage.' ('Navigations', their second CD, from 1997 was with additional musicians Rhodri Davies, Mark Wastell and Axel Doerner.) In 1990 Burn played as both soloist and as one of six pianists in the Six Piano Carousel during the Yamaha Piano Series at their studios in London. Also that year he participated in Derek Bailey's 'Company'.


The '90s saw some other musical relationships established. Burn and Butcher made a number of trips to Copenhagen to work with Martin Klapper and Jindrich Biskup; a reciprocal UK tour took place in 1996. Burn also began playing with the trio of Alexander Frangenheim and Axel Doerner, and participated in Frangenheim's Concepts of Doing festival in Stuttgart. Mention must also be made of a number of London concerts with the Toy Boys; Chris Burn on baby pianos and Richard Sanderson on toys.


Assumed Possibilities. Rhodri Davies - Harp, Mark Wastell - Cello, Chris Burn - Piano, Phil Durrant - Violin. 


Following the release of the 1993 ACTA CD 'A Henry Cowell Concert', Burn made a programme for BBC Radio 3 about Cowell. Many of Burn's solo concerts often combined improvised and composed music.
Throughout the 1990s festival and concert appearances, primarily as soloist and with Ensemble included; FMP Berlin, Stadtgarten Koln, Ulrichsberg Kaleidophon - '94, '96 and 2007, Victoriaville, LMC, Bochum, amongst a host of others in the UK and on mainland Europe.


A partnership with Rhodri Davies, Mark Wastell and Phil Durrant led to two 'Assumed Possibilities' cds - 1998 and 2001. 
At the end of the '90s he participated in the initial rehearsals of the London Improvisers Orchestra; playing trumpet and devising a piece for their first CD 'Proceedings' (EMANEM4201)

Although improvisation had been the (almost exclusive) focus of his work since the 1980s, both arranging and composition

re-appeared alongside improvisation in his work from 1999 onwards.

Above; Navigations,  below; Cultural Baggage. 

Cover for Acta 7 by Peter Burn;

from the 'Snows of Fujiyama'.

Ensemble at the recording of Cultural Baggage, 1990.

From front left;  Stevie Wishart, Marcio Mattos, Chris Burn, John Russell, Matt Hutchinson, John Butcher, Phil Durrant and Jim Denley. 

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